Jail Cell Set Los Angeles

standing set


  • 190 sq ft
  • Set Dressed
  • Lighting Grid
  • Amenities Included

Our Jail Cell Set Los Angeles is an immersive filming experience, featuring the following interconnected standing sets inside the police station: Detective’s Bullpen, Interrogation Room, Viewing Room, Captain’s Office, Jail Cells with Holding Cell & Waiting Room plus Hallway.  Our value oriented film and photo sets are ideal for web-series, indie films, short films, music videos and student films.  Props and furniture are included such as five tanker desks, blackboard, double sided mirror, books, desk lamps, phones, steel-case chairs, window blinds.  The walls are 10′ high and the lighting grid hovers at 12′.  Our sound stage offers a green room, private production office, makeup room, three bathrooms, kitchenette, over 30 private parking spaces, 12′ clearance elephant door, and wide open spaces to shoot.  Additional standing sets are located within the facility including: Bar Standing Set, Office Standing Set, Apartment Standing Set, Hospital Standing Set, Green Screen, Black Void, Courtroom Standing Set, Warehouse Standing Set, Psych Ward Standing Set.  Our Jail Cells for Filming is the best value in LA, guaranteed.

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Los Angeles, CA

654 S Myers St.
Los Angeles, CA. 90023

7803 Industry Ave. 
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11,000 sq ft Standing Set Sound Stage
30+ Parking Spaces, Green Room, Makeup Room, Production Office
Police Station, Hospital Set, Office Set, Bar Set, NY Apartment Set, Green Screen, Black Void